Youjou Bashoku
TAG 144983
Kana Yōūjōū
Romaji 馬謖 幼常
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 30
Measurements 87/57/85
Successor Ma Su
School Seito Gakuen
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 16
Voice Actor
Seiyu Yukiko Amada (Season 2)
Mami Kameoka (Season 3) (Japanese)
Julie Francis (Season 2)
B. Simpson (Season 4) (English)

Youjou is a first year student at Seito, and somewhere along the lines she met Komei, and became very loyal to her.


Youjou, is shown to wear her, blue, hair in two pig tails, tied by two yellow bows, and is usually seen wearing a red sports bra, and black gym shorts. She is also seen wearing the usual uniform of Seito.


Youjou, is seen to be very caring of her teammates, as she wanted to help in the battle of red cliffs against Kyosho, knowing they would be out matched, without Kan-u. She is also shown to be very loyal to Koumei, as she follows every order, without question.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

She is first seen, in Kannei's hoody, trying to sneak attack, a lone, Kakuka. She is unable to kill him in one hit, as she hoped, as Kakuka was very cautious, and was able to stop the hidden blade, coming from Kannei's, weapon. Youjou, and Kakuka then fight each other, and although Kakuka, clearly had the superior skill, Youjou was able to defeat him, by injecting Kakuka with poison, which had came from the blade he had blocked. Youjou then proceeds to stab Kakuka, with the same weapon, and leaves Kannei shirt hoping to frame Nanyo for this attack.

Youjou then meets with her master and tells her, that Sousou has started to launch attacks on Nanyo, just as her master had planned.

Youjou is next seen inviting the Nanyo students, Saji and Ryomou, to Seito caring a bell, which meant she met them no harm. Saji, after angering her by groping, exposes Seito's plan, telling Koukin, Gakushuu, and Ryomou, that she was the one who killed Kakuka and that she was at fault for Kyosho attacking Nanyo. This upsetted Koukin, who refused to fight with Seito, but this did not stop Saji and Ryomou, who eventually went with Youjou to Seito.

Youjou is then seen with her master again, begging for Komei to let her go to the battle of Red cliffs, stating that without either Kan-u, nor Shiryuu they would loose. Komei refuses her request, and tells her to stay at Seito where she will be most needed, if the battle of Red cliffs ends with Kyosho's victory.

After the battle of Red cliffs, Youjou is seen, with Komei, catching all of Komei's one-hundread fishes, impressing the near by on looking crowd.