Why! The Betrayal Of Gōei!
Season 1, Episode 8
Hakufu and Kakouton
Air date August 20th, 2003
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Viva Hot Springs!

Why! The Betrayal of Goei is the eight episode of Ikkitousen.


The episode starts with Ryofu dreaming about her hell, thinking that she was marked for death as she could not escape her fate. She then awakens beside Chinkyuu. Ryofu goes outside thinking to herself that she did not have much time left in the world.

Hakufu and Kakouton shake each others hand, as they were about to fight for the big fighters tournament, with Goei, Koukin, and Ryomou spectating. Kakouton then continuously kick Hakufu behind her legs, which paralyzes them, to win with ease, as well as appeasing the deal between him and Goei.

Kaku then ambushes Ryofu and Chinkyuu after receiving the order to kill her, from Toutaku, after finding out about Ryofu's betrayal.

Ryomou then takes on Kakouton beating him very easily with one choke hold.

Kaku's ambush fails to intimidate Ryofu as she and Chinkyuu leave, without really paying much attention to them.

Ryomou is then faced against Hokou Kakuka who easily beats her, demonstrating Kyosho's power. Sousou Moutoku then waves to by to Hakufu. Ryomou and Hakufu then are sadden at the fact that they are finished with the Tournament.

Koukin and Hakufu then visits Gakushuu at the hospital stating that he was surprised that they were able to come so far. Gakushuu then tells Koukin that he would visit Enjutsu stating that it was ridiculous that they haven't seen him for such a long time.

Ryofu is then seen with Chinkyuu defeating all the men that Kaku brought with her stating that she let Kaku live to send a message to Toutaku.

Ryomou is seen with Saji who says "the stars are turning" he then leaves not telling Ryomou where he was going.

Hakufu, Koukin, and Goei are then seen celebrating their good fight in the Great fighters tournament, with Hakufu and Goei arguing over why Goei was cheering on Kakouton instead of her. Goei then suggests they go to the hot spring.

Toutaku is then seen with Kaku saying that he knew that Ryofu was coming for him and tells Kaku to deliver a message to Sousou.

Goei explains to Koukin why Hakufu is possessed when she fights, explaining that it was her fate as all fighters have one. Koukin then states that Hakufu may loose her life at an early age do to her power.

The Kyosho fighters are then seen angered at the fact that they were not getting the gyokuju, stating it was not fair for Rakuyo high school to keep it since they did not participate tournament. The episode ends with Sousou saying "So it would be alright if we invaded you school, even kill your leader in his sleep." to which Kaku responds "Go ahead."


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