Tokubou Teifu
Kana 東方帝府
Romaji Tōhō tei-fu
Gender Male
Successor Cheng Pu
School Nanyo Academy
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 5
Voice Actor
Seiyu Makoto Endo

A long-time friend of Saji and Ryomou. He was once a strong fighter and was well respected by others. He often bullied Enjutsu even though it was Enjutsu who was the leader of Nanyo at the time. He has had feelings for Ryomou for as long as they knew each other. Enjutsu got his revenge when he and Bunwa Kaku tricked Teifu into awakening Gentoku Ryuubi's dragon, and led Teifu to believe Ryomou would get raped if Teifu would not obey him.

A few years later, Teifu was chosen to be one of Nanyo's representatives for the Great Fighters Tournament, and suffered a horrible beating in a match that left him in a coma. He would have been killed if Ryomou had not interfered in the match, causing him to be disqualified. A year later Teifu recovered from his coma but is now blind and nowhere and can no longer walk or move on his own, as he needs a wheel chair now.


Teifu has violet long hair, that reaches far enough in the front of his head to cover most of his forehead, and reaches far enough in the back, to reach down to his shoulders. He is only seen in his pajamas, which just consists of a button up shirt, and pajama pants, as well as green slippers.


Teifu has a very optimistic personality, as he can actually joke about his fatal injuries, with his old friend. Teifu is also very caring, as he was willing to put himself in harms way just to keep Ryomou from getting hurt by Enjutsu.

Story (Anime)Edit


Teifu is first seen when Shimei Ryomou is left doubting her abilities after losing to Hakufu Sonsaku, and Teifu gives her some much needed encouragement. Ryomou then, after regaining her courage to fight again, leaves his house.

Teifu is then mentioned by Genpou Saji, who was recovering in the hospital, after the Toutaku incident, asking her if she wanted to visit their old friend again.