The Great Tournament Begins
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date August 6th, 2003
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An Angry Hakufu and a School Wide Counterattack
A Confrontation With Destiny

The Great Tournament Begins is the 6th episode of Ikkitousen.


The episode starts with the continuation with Ryofu and Ryomou battle. Ryomou is quickly out matched by Ryofu. As Ryofu then mocks Shimei Ryomou saying, "How could I give Saji to you." She then procedes to paralyze her, with one of her techniques. Ryofu then takes the oppurtinity to "play" with Ryomou. Ryomou is embaressed and disgraced when Ryofu is done with her, which infuriates Ryomou to the point that she states that she will kill her. Ryofu then encourages this idea stating that she needed to make her way through the great fighters tournament before then.

Hakufu is then seen with Gakushuu and Koukin finding out when and where their first match will be.

The latter are then seen facing their oppenents commenting how they are underestimating them with only two fighter. Gakushuu steps up to fight first, and is blind sided by the first Yoshu fighter, who easily defeats Gakushuu.

Toutaku is then seen laying on Kaku's lap stating how he wishes to pit Kanu and Hakufu against each other.

Ryomou then comes in, after beating up two guards, stepping in for Gakushuu, who was in no condition to fight. She easily gets the upper hand on the first fighter Gonryo with a submission which, she used after an energy attack that effected the oppenents legs. Gonryo then breaks off the chi but Ryomou eventually makes him submit, but only thinking about her revenge against Ryofu. Ryomou then states that she will be the one to finish this fight. Ryomou then fights the second fight from Yoshu easily defeating him in an instant.

Ryofu is then seen with Saji treating his wounds. Ryofu then tells Saji about Toutaku's plan of pitting Kanu and Hakufu against each other.

Kannei then appears from nowhere, after Hakufu and Koukin take Gakushuu out of the place the fighters tournament was held, attacking both Hakufu and Koukin. Hakufu then gains Kannei's attention to protect Gakushuu. Ryomou then finds Gakushuu, in a mess, and finds out about the tournaments next stage.

Kannei then chases Hakufu saying that it was an order, after Koukin asked why he was still after her.

Ryomou then confronts the next opponent, Seito private school's own strongest warrior Unchou Kan-u.


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