Teni from Ikkitousen
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 5
Measurements 70/52/73
Successor Dian Wei
School Kyosho
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 17
Voice Actor
Seiyu Mikako Takahashi (Japanese)
Melissa Hope (Season 2)
Rachel Hirschfeld (Season 4) (English)

Ten'i was raped by her father, as a child, but was put to an end, as she killed her father. Ten'i was then bullied at her school, because of what she did. The girls who bullied her also raped her until her dragon awakened and killed the trio. In the aftermath of what she had done she was found by Shibai, who took her in and raised her as her own child. Ten'i was trained to fight, kill, and play guitar by Shibai.


Ten'i is a young girl, who has long, back length, brown hair. She is usually seen wearing a gothic lolita outfit, which is mostly blue, and has white strips on her blouse, and skirt.


Ten'i is shown to be a quiet, girl who was bullied, because she had murdered her own mother and father. Although usually quiet it is shown that she is sadistic in battle, as she shows no remorse for taking her opponents life.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

She is first seen praying to Shibai calling her mother Maria, and telling her that she will do what is asked of her.

She is then seen shooting an arrow on Ryomou, hitting her in the hand. Ten'i tells Ryomou to give up the Dragon Jade, but Ryomou refuses, and Ten'i tries to finish her off with another arrow. Ryomou is able to escape and their fight reaches its climax as Ryomou is able to land a choke hold on Ten'i. While Ryomou is chokes out Ten'i, Ten'i reaches for her broken which had a concealed knife in it. Ten'i is able to reach it and, stabs Ryomou, and was about to kill her, but she stopped by, Shiryuu, who beats her in one hit.

Ten'i is last seen with Bunen, in a ranch, taking care of a horse, asking Bunen what the horses name was, looking very happy, as she finally found where she had belonged.



  • In history, Dian Wei was loyal to Cao Cao while in the show and manga, Teni is loyal to Shibai.