Shungai Chouko
Kana 張郃 儁乂
Romaji Chōko Shungai
Gender Male
Successor Zhang He
School Kyoshou Gakuin
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 15
Voice Actor
Seiyu Kotaro Nakamura (Japenese) Wayne Grayson (English)

Shungai is one of the Three pillared gods, who are said to be Kyosho's strongest, unrivaled by any other group.


Choko is a very muscular guy, who is usually seen wearing a black kimono, with a white one underneath. He also has short cut, black hair.


Shungai is shown to be perverse, as he is seen playing with Kanu's underwear as she was tied up, but he seems to care about his comrades, as seen when he showed concern for Bunken, as she yelled because of what she saw in Kanu's mind.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Shungai is first seen, along with the other members of the Three pillared gods, attacking Yoshu academy, easily taking it over with just three of their might.

Shungai is next seen watching Koumei fight Kan-u on his own, commenting at how skilled Koumei was, being able to stand toe to toe against Kan-u. As Koumei was eventually defeated by Kan-u, Shungai and Bunken intervene showing Kan-u a picture of Gentoku, and friends being surrounded by Kyosho fighters telling her to surrender, or allow Gentoku to be hurt. Kan-u surrenders, hoping to save Gentoku.

Shungai is next seen interrogating, a tied up Kan-u, by using his staff to hit her in the stomach. He then procedes, to remove her underwear, with his staff, but is stopped by Bunken who uses her powers, to look into Kan-u mind instead. Shungai then tries to calm Bunken, who was freaking out because of what she had seen in Kan-u's mind, but to no avail, as Koumei tells him that she is in shock at what she had seen in Kan-u's mind and may not fight for at least a month.

Shungai then appears, as one of Kyosho's fighters, at the battle of Red Cliffs, who were trying to obtain the Dragon Jade, for Sousou.

Shungai goes against Koukin, who he thinks was running away their entire fight, but Koukin showed that he was setting a trap for him, using the wire around the area, along with his chi, to cause an explosion, causing the building to fall on Shungai, which knocks him out.