Gender Male
School None
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 28
Voice Actor
Seiyu Akihiko Ishizumi (Japanese)
Michael McConnohie (English)

The retainer of the Ou Family. He was the trainer that trained both Saji and Shimei Ryomou when they were young.


Shisonzui is a bald, elder man. He is darker in color, and has many wrinkles, stemming from his forehead, more so the middle, to the left and right side of his eyes, crows feet. He also has a white beard, that is miniature in size, as well as white eyebrows. He is only ever seen wearing his training kimono.


Not much of Shisonzui is revealed, as he is only seen a few times in the anime, but it appears that he has a very strict and stern attitude, when it comes to training. This is shown, when abruptly attacks Shimei, and not showing any mercy on to her, when doing so.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Great GuardiansEdit

Shisonzui appears in Ryomou's flash back, back when she was presumably still a first year at Nanyo academy. He is seen starting the training, before Ryomou was ready, as she was looking for Saji, and drops her on her back. He tells her, that it wouldn't matter if Saji was here or not, as she could not take him, and the young master, Saji, was ten times stronger then him.


  • Shisonzui is an anime character only.
  • Shisonzui has never opened his eyes, during his appearance in the anime, so his eye color remains a mystery.