Shiryuu Chou-un
Shiryuu Chouun
Kana 趙雲 子龍
Romaji Chō'un Shiryū
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 4th, (Leo)
Measurements 89/59/87
Successor Zhao Yun
School Seito Academy
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Voice Actor
Seiyu Yū Asakawa (Japanese)
Michele Knotz (English)

Shiryuu is an A rank fighter at Seito High. She had met Komei, somewhere in the past, as she is shown taking orders from Komei, before Komei had ever introduced herself.


Shiryuu has long, silver hair that reaches down to her back, and bangs that covers her forhead, her hair also seems to go down the sides of her face covering her ears. Her eyes are rarily seen as she usually keeps them closed. She is also seen wearing a brown vest, with a white collared shirt underneath, having stripes on the ends, as wells as a dark brown skirt, and red stripes on the bottom. She also wears knee high black socks, and brown loafers.


Shiryuu is shown to be a kind hearted girl, she is also very loyal to both her school, and Komei, as she carries out Komei's orders without question, she also had said herself that she would die to protect Gentoku.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Shiryuu was first seen confronting Teni, after being ordered by Komei to take the Dragon Jade. Shiryuu is easily able to defeat Teni, with one slash, as she was tired from fighting Ryomou. As she finishes her fight with Teni, Ryomou suddenly gets up, possessed by the dragon she has in her eye, which was activated by the Dragon Jade.

Shiryuu drops off Ryomou at Hakufu's house, telling Koukin to look after her, taking the Dragon Jade with her. It is shown in the flash back, that Ryomou, was defeated by Shiryuu in one hit.

Shiryuu then meets with Kan-u, giving her the Dragon Jade, and telling her that Ryomou had a dragon in her, and that she had only won because Ryomou was tired. Shiryuu then reports a message to Kan-u "It is time to meet the Crouching Dragon."

Shiryuu, is then seen, thinking that Hakufu's dragon had went out of control, and tries to cut the dragon, but is stopped, by Ukitsu who assures her that the dragon inside Hakufu, was controlled.

Shiryuu is then seen, wearing a blue kimono, taking care of a miniature tree, having cut too much as the tree's leaves are all cut, being very disappointed in herself.


Gentoku RyuubiEdit

It's implied she may having feelings for Gentoku the ending credits of Xtreme Xecutor she is seen heavily blushing from holding Gentoku.