Nanyo AcademyEdit

Hakufu SonsakuEdit

Although the two were initially enemies, Ryomou has grown to respect Hakufu after she decided to cheer her up at the hot springs. Nevertheless, she still seems to be somewhat annoyed by Hakufu's childish personality and may hit her depending on the circumstances. Ryomou is also a constant target for having her breasts grabbed by Hakufu.

Genpou SajiEdit

Saji and Ryomou were childhood friends with Teifu. Saji would often manipulate Ryomou in the first season to do his biddings. Ryomou has been suggested to have a crush on Saji and is also jealous of other girls he messes with.

Koukin ShuuyuEdit

Although she interacts with Koukin less than Hakufu and Saji. She still seems to respect Koukin to some degree and tends to be less stern with him due to being smarter than Hakufu.

Rakuyo high schoolEdit

Ryofu HosenEdit

Ryofu is a long-time rival of Ryomou. Back when Ryomou was training with the hopes of impressing Saji, Ryofu and Saji already had a budding relationship going. During a fight with Ryofu, Ryomou threatened to kill Ryofu after she had "played" with Ryomou and left her humiliated. Although it seemed Ryomou had hated Ryofu, it seemed the two had a mutual respect for each other, as Ryofu's dying wish was to have Ryomou look after Saji. After Ryofu's death, Ryomou had paid her respects at her grave.