Shigi Taishiji
Taishi-ji Shigi (Taishi Ci - Ziyi)
Romaji Taishiji
Gender Male
Successor Taishi Ci
School Yoshuu Private school (Current)
Gogun High school
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 3
Voice Actor

Taishiji had trained with Ukitsu before join Yoshuu academy

Soul HistoryEdit

Taishiji was a famous general, known for his heroism, challenged Sonsaku to a duel when his leader was at odds with him. Sonsaku admired him greatly even giving a very prestigious role in his kingdom.


Taishiji is a darkskined man with two dreadlocks coming down on both shoulders. He is usually seen wearing a white shirt, a bandana as well as some sunglasses.


Taishiji is a very respectful, and honorable person even withdrawing the Yoshuu fighters who were clearly outnumbering the single fighter.

Story (Manga)Edit

A skilled and honorable fighter who refused to kill Hakufu despite being ordered to do so. He tried to stop other assassins from finishing his job but was stabbed in the back as a consequence, putting him in a coma and paralyzing him from the waist down. However, he seems to be recovering from his injuries. He used to be one of Ukitsu's sparring partners. It is said that Uktisu always held back when sparring with Shigi because she liked him. It should be noted that she was still injuring him in these fights. While Shiji was kept in the hospital, a girl from Nanyo often visited him and sat by his side. It turns out that the girl was transferring her chi into Shigi for him to recover from his injuries. He wakes from his coma in time to join the Sekiheki battle, rescuing several injured Nanyo/Seito fighters and defeating Kannei (possessed by Ryofu's bloodlust)

Story (Anime)Edit


Taishiji first appears during the fight between the Kyoshuu fighters and Koukin, stopping Hano from attacking Koukin with a crowbar, and even detailing Hano's plan of raping Hakufu when she had gotten to his location, with disgust claiming he was not a fighter. He then fights Koukin who made him promise that if Koukin could get a hit on him he would leave Hakufu alone. Taishiji is eventually hit by Koukin but not before landing a very solid punch on him. Hakufu then challenges him stating that she returns what was given, Taishiji's punches. Hakufu is outclassed very easily, and knocked out with ease, but not before getting a solid punch on Taishiji with a technique she just learned. The fight ends and they leave on good terms. Taishiji is then ambushed by the leaders of Yoshuu academy who then attacks him with a knife.


  • In the anime his destiny is unclear still laying in coma. However, in the manga he recovered from his injuries and also can fight again, just with a lower level of his strength.