Shifu Choushou
Choushou Shifu 600 1026182
Kana 張昭 子布
Romaji Choushou Shifu
Gender Female
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 33
Voice Actor
Seiyu Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese)
Caitlin Glass (English)

An old woman with the appearance of a young girl, Choushou is an charge of the Hyakukeitō, a set of 5 legendary Chinese jian made of jewels supposedly made by Cao Cao in ancient China. All five were embedded in a large boulder on Choushou's property and sealed with chi, making it impossible to remove.

Totaku was the first person to train under her to obtain the Hyakuhekitou, then Kanu, Ryomou, and Hakufu, with Hakufu being the last one to seek training from her. Totaku went berserk in a blind sight of rage after Choushou lectured him about being weak.

Hakufu tried to save her but fell unconscious after jumping from a cliff trying to get to the city faster. Choushou gave Hakufu an unknown gift through a kiss.


Choushou is an ederly woman with the appearance of a beautiful young girl with orange eyes. She has long sleek black hair, running far past her back, as well as her shoulders. She is only seen wearing a beautiful kimono.


Choushou has been shown to be a very wise and knowledgable person, who had trained and lectured many of the greatest fighters in the world.

Story (Manga)Edit

Story (Anime)Edit

Choushou is first seen training Ryomou, as Ryomou seeks to become stronger through her training. She gives Ryomou advice, after beating her in a one on one fight, on why she felt so weak and incompetent, and then led her to the hot springs to heal her wounds.


  • Choushou appeared in episode 8 of Great Guardians, where she is seen training Ryomou.