Sacred Bead

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Description Edit

The Sacred Bead(also called Magatama) is an earring that appears to be a magatama bead. They come in seven colors roughly matching the seven ranks of fighters.

S Rank - Seven Colors

Special A Rank - Transparent

A Rank - Gold

B Rank - Silver

C Rank - Scarlet

D Rank - White

E Rank - Green (or Jade)


The sacred bead is used to determine fighters in Ikkitousen so that other fighters will know who to fight. It is also thought that the Sacred beads decide the fate of the fighters themselves, as well as the souls of the fighters from the feudal era, are actually in them. The sacred Beads are seen in every Fighters ears, as it plays a very strong influence in a person's strengths.

It is also revealed that high leveled fighters are able to put their own souls in there, as seen when Toutaku was able to put his very own soul in there, being to take over Hakufu's body. Sacred beads also change color according to the fighters ranking, when the fighters ranking goes up, the Sacred beads color will change.