Gender Male
School Yoshu Academy
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 3
Voice Actor
Seiyu Ryuzo Hasuike (Japanese)
Lance J. Holt (English)

Ryuuyou is the leader of Yoshu Academy he was conquered by Rakuyo following their orders for fear of being killed.


Ryuuyou has blonde hair, and is usually seen wearing a purple hoody.


Ryuuyou is a coward who does whatever Toutaku wants for fear of being killed by him. He is also a pervert encouraging Hannou's actions to strip Hakufu.

Story (Anime)Edit


Ryuuyou is first seen discussing, with Taishiji and Hannou, their course of actions against Hakufu, being given the order, by Toutaku to kill Hakufu.

Ryuuyou is next seen ambushing Taishiji with a knife, being angered at the fact that Taishiji had ignored Toutaku's orders to kill Hakufu. Hannou as well ambushes Taishiji permanently paralyzing him, but not before Taishiji is able to knock both out.

Ryuuyou is next seen, along with the entirety of Yoshu Academy, being challenged by Hakufu. Hannou accepts the challenge, having Hakufu put on a show, by slowly stripping her of her clothing. Ryuuyou and the rest of the school is eventually beaten, by Hakufu in her awaken dragon state, which caused them to loose their spot in the Great Fighters Tournament with none of the students being able to fight in the tournament.