Nanyo Academy's "Four Devas" is a collection of high ranked toushi devoted to the leader of Nanyo Gakuin.


Biography Edit

At the beginning of the story, the Four Devas consisted of Ryomou Shimei, Saji Genpou, Gakushu and Kannei Kouha, and they serve Enjutsu Kouro. However, once Kannei was driven insane, he was succeeded by Shuuyu Koukin.

Soon after Hakufu Sonsaku's arrival at Nanyo, Enjutsu sent out an assassination call on her and Koukin. The two of them were separated and lead into separate traps. Hakufu was attacked firstly by Kouha, who was disposed of by Shimei. She attacked Hakufu next, claiming that she was 'a potential threat' and that 'there are those who'd prefer [Hakufu] not live up to [her] potential'. On his way to help Sonsaku, Koukin was stopped and disposed of by Genpou, who claimed that he was acting under orders. This scene shows a loyalty in the Big Four to Enjutsu that is not seen again in the series.

Issues Within the Big Four Edit

Although he is the leader of Nanyo, Enjutsu is relatively weak and is widely considered to be a coward. Because of this, he joined Toutaku's clan in fear of attack if he did not. Enjutsu is spoken of as being Toutaku's 'lapdog', placing Enjutsu's Big Four under Toutaku's command. However, the members of the Big Four do not consider themselves servants to him, or Enjutsu for that matter.
The four also have problems with each other, as they often express:
"Remind me to ring Genpou's neck, he ever shows... Kannei's a fuck... I don't know where Ryomou is." -Gakushu

Rebellion Against Enjutsu Edit

"Don't choke in the telling. Remember to spit [Enjutsu's] dick out first." -Gakushu

Rebellion Against Toutaku Edit

Early in the series, it is rumored that Genpou has 'inappropriate ties' with members of the Anti-Toutaku group. This was confirmed when he attempted to slay Toutaku, but failed at the hands of Toutaku's personal henchman, Ryofu Housen.