Nanyou's Wild Breasts
Season 2, OVA 2
Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny Special 2
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Nanyou's Wild Breasts is the second OVA of Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny.


Hakufu and Ryomou spend time at the hot spings. Hakufu is seen wildly swimming around while Ryomou sits quietly out of the water sulking whilst the other girls prepare to soak in the hot spring as well. Ryomou continues to ignore Hakufu and angrily turns away. Hakufu suddenly grasps her breasts and fondles them. Ryomou asks what Hakufu is doing and Hakufu states that girls always grope in an open bathhouse. Ryomou asks where Hakufu learned this. Hakufu claims her mother would grope her in an open bath and call it education. Ryomou begs Hakufu to stop, but then she has sex with Ryomou. Hakufu continues to fuck Ryomou until Koumei and Ryubi sees them and think apologizes for disturbing them thinking they are a couple before shielding Koumei's eyes. Ryomou begins to yell, but immediately moans when Hakufu resumes fondling and the girls decide to leave. Ryomou tries to explain, but is too aroused to speak.


  1. Hakufu Sonsaku
  2. Shimei Ryomou