My Chastity is in Danger
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date August 13th, 2003
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A Confrontation at Nanyou
A Duel! Taishiji vs. Sonsaku

My Chastity is in Danger is the third episode of Ikkitousen. It introduces the main anagonist of Ikkitousen


The episode starts off with Koukin Shuuyu thinking back to how Hakufu Sonsaku had beaten Shimei Ryomou, one of the big four of Nanyo Academy, who is recovering at the hospitial. Ryomou is visited by Saji who had saved her from a possessed Hakufu. Ryomou then comments that Saji had used her to awaken that state, to which Saji told her that he wanted to see if it would have been useful to them, and says that she was not.

Kannei is seen next hovering over a sink saying to himself, "Shimei Ryomou, Hakufu Sonsaku, when he was interrupted by Gakushuu who tells him that the order was withdrawn. Kannei ignores his words saying that if Gakushuu got in his way he would kill him to.

Hakufu later goes out on a journey to mend her broken heart since she had thought that she was beaten so badly. Hakufu forgets to eat and is entice by an offer of two perverted men who offer to feed her in exchange of sexual favors. She is save though, by an unknown stranger who proceeds to walk with Hakufu until they witness a battle happen. A man named Genjou Kakouton who enjoys ranting about how fighters have forgotten about the basics. Hakufu enters the fight when Kaouton was being over powered by the number of fighters they had to fight. They beat the fighters with relative ease. Hakufu looks for the stranger but she had left during their confrontation with the other fighters. Genjou Kakouton introduces himself to Hakufu saying that he was one of Kyosho's fighter. Hakufu is then found at the Nanyou academy where she her adventure comes to an end as Koukin carries her to the house.

Saji then visits Rakuyo to see Chuuei Toutaku who surprises him from behind describing the flowers he had given Ryomou, and what they meant.

Taishiji Shigi and other two the Yoshu Academy leaders are then seen in a meeting talking about their new target that they have to execute, Hakufu Sonsaku


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