Moukaku 18
Kana 孟獲
Romaji Mōkaku
Gender Female
Successor Mènghuò
School Nanban Academy
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 36
Voice Actor
Seiyu Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese)
Jessica Straus (English)

Mōkaku (孟獲, Mènghuò) One of the leaders of Nanban High. Prior to the start of the series, she, along with her sister Moyu, attempted to conquer the entire Kanto region. However they were stopped due to the emergence of the Nanyo, Seito and Kyosho leaders. At the start of Xtreme Xecutor, she forms an alliance with Kentei.

Apperance Edit


Full body appearance

Mōkaku wears a very revealing outfit, consisting of yellow shorts, a sleeveless yellow jacket exposing her bra, a yellow peak hat and yellow boots.

Personality Edit

Personality-wise, Mōkaku is very condescending, adding the word "Dumb-ass" (馬鹿野郎, baka-yarō) at the end of her sentences.

After hers and her sister's defeat she, along with Moyu, would experience a change of heart, and decided to re-evaluate how they viewed life and competition before leaving the series completely.

Weapons Edit

Moukaku weapon

Mokaku's weapon.

She fights using a modified Chinese ring adorned with thorn like ends, which she uses for hand-to-hand combat as well as a throwing weapon.

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