Mitsuyoshi Yagyu
Mitsuyoshi Yagyu
Gender Female
Age 15
Date of Birth March 16
Successor Mitsuyoshi "Juubei" Yagyuu
School Daiwa Institute, 3rd Year
First Appearance
Anime Debut Ikkitousen: Extravaganza Epoch (Ova)
Voice Actor
Seiyu Rui Tanabe

Mitsuyoshi Yagyu (柳生 三厳, Yagyu Mitsuyoshi) A third year student of Daiwa Institute, who came to Kanto alongside other Western warriors to challenge the Fighters. She's also and old acquaintance of Ekitoku, since they went to the same middle school.

She first appears in the Extravaganza Epoch OVA, challenging Chou'un to a sword fight with the intention of taking her Magatama. Confident in her skills, she even wears an eyepatch to give her opponent a leverage. At the end of the fight, when her opponent slices her eyepatch, she realizes that Chou'un was not fighting with her own sword, making her come to respect Shinryu, postponing the duel. Before she can leave, Mitsuyoshi notices that she forgot her wallet, and ends up asking Chou'un for money. She's invited by Chou'un to Seito and reveals that Himiko sent them to take as many Magatamas as possible, but unaware of her endgame. She ends up fighting alongside Ekitoku against Inshun to pay an old favor, only to be poisoned by the monk.