Kouro Enjutsu
Gender Male
School Nanyo Academy
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 (Mentioned)
Episode 9 (Seen)
Voice Actor

Enjutsu has always hid his face from all the other schools, even from his own classmates, at Nanyo, although it seems that only Saji and Ryomou have the ability to schedule a meeting with him whenever they want.


Enjutsu was never shown when he was alive, but it seems that he wore the usual Nanyo school uniform, a yellow vest, pants, brown shoes, and a button up collar shirt.


Enjutsu prefers to be alone, and shuts himself out from the world. He is also a coward who only obeyed Toutaku out of fear, and was pushed around by Teifu.

Story (Anime)Edit


Enjutsu had a short reign over Nanyo academy until his life was upruptly ended by Kouha Kannei and is seen dead after Kannei's attack on him, in the school's underground. It is later said revealed that Kannei did this because of the manipulative way Saji had over most members of Nanyo's academy.