Koumei Jokou
Kana 徐晃 公明
Romaji Jokō Kōmei
Gender Male
Successor Xu Huang
School Kyoshou Gakuin
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 15
Voice Actor
Seiyu Kōji Yusa (Japanese), Anthony Salerno (English)

Koumei is one of the member, of the Three pillared gods, who are the strongest team in Kyosho. He is also the strongest out of all three of them.

Soul HistoryEdit

It is revealed that he had once already fought Kan-u, during the fight against Kan-u, stating that if he had taken her life on that day he would have been known as the one without peer, meaning that he had actually beaten her once before.


Koumei appears as a monk, but with short cut hair. He is also shown to wear a black kimono, as well as carry a staff with him at most times.


Koumei is shown to be very arrogant, as he believes he is the strongest in the world, having no pear. He is also very prideful of his name, boasting of great power because of it.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Koumei is first seen attacking Yoshu academy, conquering it, along with the other two pillared god members, for Kyosho. They are able to take it easily, by simply over powering them.

Koumei is next seen challenging Kan-u to a fight. Koumei is able to keep up with Kan-u the entire fight, he was even able to gain the upperhand, nearly knocking her out, and although Kan-u was barely conscious she was still able to fight Koumei, because she had someone to protect. She is then able to beat Koumei, saying that his overconfidence was his downfall, and that his ancestor would role in his grave if he saw how he was acting.

Koumei is next seen along with the other Kyosho fighters, at the battle of Red cliffs, wanting to retrieve the Dragon Jade, for their leader Sousou.

Koumei fights against Gakushuu. Koumei belives, that Gakushuu and him are even in strength, but it is soon revealed to him that Gakushuu, had been holding back, and when they were locked in arms, Gakushuu takes the opportunity and slams Koumei on to a steel gurter, ultimately defeating him.

Koumei is last seen meditating at a tourist location along with the other pillared gods, impressing the tourist, at how they are able to withstand such an impact from the waterfall.