Kouha Kannei
Kana 甘寧 興霸
Romaji Kannei Kōha
Gender Male
Successor Gan Ning
School Nanyo Gakuen
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Voice Actor

Kannei Kouha is a student at Nanyo Academy who was manipulated by Saji to kill Enjutsu. He was a kind person before he was manipulated.


Kannei has short brown hair, and is usually seen wearing a orange hoody, and usually carries a knight stick.


Kannei was once a kind person who enjoyed fighting. He in fact was stated to not have been able to take someone's life. He changed, however, when he had killed Nanyo leader, Enjitsu, and had gone insane from the trauma he had went through.

Story (Manga)Edit

The Big Four ArcEdit

Kouha is first seen beating up an impressive amount of fighters. He is then seen, after being ordered by Enjutsu, the leader of Nanyo, which was to find and kill Hakufu Sonsaku, fighting Sonsaku, and although he was vastly more stronger, faster, and skilled, he was beaten by an unlikely savior, Shimei Ryomou

Story (Anime)Edit


He first appears being given an imperial order to kill Hakufu. He finds Hakufu by herself where he proceeds to fight her. He quickly over powers Hakufu having far more skill then her. The fight had continued with Kannei rapidly charging Hakufu, until Ryomou stops him. He is on the ground until and was about to get back up, but Ryomou proceeded to beat him with his own weapon until he was knocked unconscious, so Ryomou would be able to kill Hakufu herself.

Kannei is next seen in the classroom so saying that he would kill Hakufu, and Shimei Ryomou but was interrupted by Gakushuu, who said the imperial order was withdrawn. Kannei then procedes to tell him that if he tries to stop him from killing Hakufu, that he would kill Gakushuu to.

Kannei then appears from nowhere, after Hakufu and Koukin take Gakushuu out of the place the fighters tournament was held, attacking both Hakufu and Koukin. Hakufu then gains Kannei's attention to protect Gakushuu. Kannei then chases both Hakufu and Koukin, and is able to land a hit on Koukin, breaking his arm in the process. Kannei then goes after Hakufu who is able to outmatch him, and beat him fairly easily.

Kannei is then seen bowing to Enjutsu asking for his next order, but is a ploy to knock out Gakushuu. He was then able to knock out Koukin with Saji's distraction.

Kannei then participates in Saji's final plan to control Hakufu, in which he tries to fight Ryomou, but is soundly beaten by her. He then tries to attack a possessed Hakufu, but was easily beaten again.

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Kannei was never seen, but it was stated that he was in the mental institution after going insane, do to Saji's actions.