Koudai Chinkyuu
Koudai Chikyuu
Kana 陳宮 公台
Romaji Chinkyū Kōdai
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 28
Measurements 84/56/83
Successor Chen Gong
School Rakuyo high school
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 6
Voice Actor
Seiyu Hiroe Oka (Japanese)
Stephanie Sheh (English

Chin-Kyuu Koudai is a very close friend to Ryofu. They work on missions together for Totaku to kill Hakufu.

Soul HistoryEdit

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Chinkyuu, has brown hair, green eyes, and is usually seen wearing her student uniform, consisting of a red blazer, red skirt, and knee high socks.


Chinkyuu was very loyal to her best friend willing, to risk her own life just to make Ryofu happy. Chinkyuu was very protective of Ryofu as well begging her to get rid of Saji, since she feared that Toutaku would find out soon.

Story (Anime)Edit


Chinkyuu is first in the meeting with Toutaku, along with Ryofu, with Toutaku stating that the Great Fighters Tournament is about to begin. Chinkyuu is next outside Ryofu's house telling her to get rid of Saji, since Toutaku would eventually notice Ryofu's betrayal. Chinkyuu, then comes into Ryofu's house, after Saji leaves, and tells Ryofu that she would follow Ryofu to the top, after Ryofu explained her displeasure of only being second best. Ryofu then shares and intimate moment with Chinkyuu sleeping with her.

Chinkyuu is next seen standing up for Ryofu, when Kaku calls Ryofu a traitor. Chinkyuu then helps Ryofu beat the gang Kaku came with.

Chinkyuu then decides to steal the Gyokuji, for Ryofu, but was caught by Kaku who proceeded to order one of Rakuyo's fighter, to beat Chinkyuu up. The fighter then decides to have his way with her. Chinkyuu is next at the hospital, after Ryofu pick her up from Rakuyo and beats the fighter that had violated Chinkyuu. Chinkyuu tells Ryofu that she wanted to steal the Gyokuji to make her feel like she was number one for once. She closes her eyes for the last time and dies from her severe injuries.