Kanshou Kouchuu
Char 9594
Kana 黃忠 漢升
Romaji Kōchū Kanshō
Gender Male
Successor Huang Zhong
School Seito Academy
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 19
Voice Actor
Seiyu Kenta Miyake (Japanese)
Rome Eliott (Season 2)
Kyle Hebert (Seasons 3-4) (English)

Kansho was a fighter, at the temple Tougenin, but later goes to Seito, to fight for Gentoku's protection.


Kansho has a monk like appearance wearing a yellow shirt, and a black vest over it. Kansho also has gray hair, although barely seen as he mostly has a shaved head.


Little is shown of Kansho's personality, other then he cares for the girls at school, fighting to protect Gentoku, as well as being a little bit perverted, when he had gotten a nose bleed from washing girls clothing.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Kansho is first seen fighting Ekitoku, in the forest, and although Ekitoku puts up a fight, Kansho is able to defeat her with only minor bruises, to the head.

Kansho is next seen taking care of the clothing at the temple. Kansho then leaves the temple, along with Komei, to Seito, to watch over Gentoku.

Kansho is then seen with Ekitoku, Gentoku, and Komei at a festival enjoying themselves, until Kyosho fighters interrupt their good time. Kansho, along with Ekitoku, is forced to fight the fighters, where he locks fists with Kakouton, who is evenly matched with him. Their match ends when Kyosho is able to make Kan-u surrender, retreating as their objective had been completed.

Kansho is then seen along with Komei, getting the fighters from Nanyo, Ryomou and Saji. Kansho is then seen in the meeting with Nanyo, where Komei and Nanyo form and alliance to take down Kyosho, and gives Nanyo the Dragon Jade as a sign of peace. He is then assigned to guard Seito Academy with Bashoku, in the event that they lost the Battle of Red Cliffs.

Kansho, after the battle of Red cliffs, is seen along with Ekitoku at a restaurant about to eat lunch, when Ekitoku accidentally throws some on his head.


  • While Huang Zhong is famed for being an excellent archer, Kochu is never actually seen with a bow and arrow in his possession.