Kana 關平
Gender Female
Successor Guan Ping
School Seito Academy
First Appearance
Voice Actor
Seiyu Ryoka Yuzuki

Kanpei is a girl from another region, who had just recently joined Seito academy, as a young freshman, although it is revealed that she is a spy for another school looking for the power of the dragon. She is the counter part to Guan Ping.


Kanpei is a beautiful girl, with crimson red long hair, that is tied in twin ponytails to the side, tied togeather with egg shell white rubber bands. Her hair is long enough to at least reach down to her bottom, and the front is long enough to cover all of her forehead.

Kanpei is usually seen wearing her Seito academy uniform, but she does delve from the usually uniform attire, by wearing brown fingerless gloves on both of her hands.


Kanpei is a very possessive, and jealous person, as seen with her constant jealousy of Gentoku who seemingly gets all of Kan-u's attention. Although she has proven to be a kind a caring girl, as she genuinely develops feeling of concern for Gentoku, and her inability to control her dragon.

Story (Game)Edit

Ikkitousen: Eloquent FistEdit

Kanpei first comes to the Kanto region as a person in search of the dragon's power, but then bumping into Chousen, a girl who is also interested in the dragon's power. Afterwards Kanpei engages Chousen in a fight and only with the awakening of her dragon is she able to defeat Chousen. She then infiltrates Seito academy, looking for whereabouts of Kanu. This mission, however had her meet Gentoku with whom she unbeknownst (to Ryubi anyways) becomes a love rival, as Kanpei had developed semi-romantic feelings for Kan-u, and became endosed in jealousy for Gentoku for receiving all of Kan-u's attention. She also has a bit of hatred towards Ryomou Shimei due to events from 1800 years ago and wants her magatama in order to (misguidedly) save Kanu.

Kanpei challenges Gentoku to a fight, and looses, because of her uncontrolled dragon, although Gentoku's dragon awakens as well, defeating both Kanpei and destroying the gym. Kanpei then watches, as Kan-u places her own life in danger for Gentoku, making Kanpei realize that she would never be able to have the relationship she wanted with Kan-u. She then joins Chousen on her trip to train, as well as enjoy the hot springs.

Ikkitousen: Xross ImpactEdit

Kanpei returns in the third Ikkitousen game Xross Impact, albeit playing a smaller role, as she fights to save her friend Chousen, even though she causes her pain, by beating her when she went into an uncontrolled rage, do to her dragon spirit.