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Ikkitousen (一騎当千 Ikkitōsen) is the first anime adaption to the manga series Battle Vixens. It revolves around Hakufu Sonsaku, a girl who loves to fight, she strives to be a great fighter, but it seems she is destined for greater things than just being a great fighter. As her sacred bead has a fate in stored for all fighters and her fate revolves around the great leader Sun Ce, a great warrior during the Three Kingdoms era, who died young, due to his reckless actions. Now Hakufu, unknowingly follows the same fate. Will she be able to fight her destiny, or will her destiny swallow her whole? The series is followed by Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny.

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Episode ListEdit

  1. The Champions
  2. A Confrontation at Nanyou
  3. My Chastity is in Danger
  4. A Duel! Taishiji vs. Sonsaku
  5. An Angry Hakufu and a School Wide Counterattack
  6. The Great Tournament Begins
  7. A Confrontation With Destiny
  8. Why! The Betrayal Of Gōei!
  9. Viva Hot Springs!
  10. An Encounter Between the Ruler and the Devil
  11. Ryofu - Love and Death
  12. Summer Comes to the Watermelon Patch
  13. Farewell to Hakufu and the Days of Fighting


Ikkitousen trailer

Ikkitousen trailer

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Ikki Tousen - The Complete Series Box Set Trailer

Ikki Tousen - The Complete Series Box Set Trailer

Funimation Dub Ikkitousen Season 1 Trailer

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