Nanyo AcademyEdit

Shimei RyomouEdit

Ryofu developed a sadistic crush on Ryomou. Early on she beat her and "played with her". Later on, after she kills Toutaku, Ryomou pays her respects to her grave. She showed much concern when she found her alive.

Genpou SajiEdit

Ryofu and Saji often performed intimate acts on one another while being on different sides, but then it is revealed Saji tricked her into doing his deeds and she ended up dying.

Hakufu SonsakuEdit

Ryofu seemed to also develop a liking to Hakufu. The two barely interacted, but Hakufu took care of the memory wiped, reanimated Ryofu when she found her (not remembering who she was).

Rakuyo High SchoolEdit

Chuuei ToutakuEdit

Ryofu seemed very loyal to Toutaku, but later revealed she is out to kill Toutaku.

Koudai ChinkyuuEdit

Chinkyuu and Ryofu held a strong friendship, which later turned into a lesbian relationship. After Chinkyuu attempted to steal the Gyokaju, Ryofu quickly beat the fighter that had violated Chinkyuu. When Chinkyuu dies in the hospital, Ryofu was devastated and vowed to kill Toutaku.