Heart revealing necklace

Heart revealing jewels

Users Ekitoku Chouhi
Kansho Kochu
Gentoku Ryuubi
Unchou Kan-u
Shiryuu Chou-un
Current Possessor None
Previous Possessor Seito Academy


The heart revealing necklace is an item seen in the anime only, appearing in the fourth episode of Ikkitousen: Great Guardians. It is apparently magical, as Koumei explains it, showing the person's true self.


The heart revealing necklace is just a simple basic necklace, as it only consists of a black string that is held together by the pear like gem, which is the actual heart revealing stone.


True self: The heart revealing necklace has one ability only, and that is to reveals a person true self, as shown many of times with the various fighters of Kanto. Although it does not have much effect on someone who always shows her true self, as seen with Gentoku.