Hakufu Sonsaku vs. Ryomou Shimei
Episode Fought A Confrontation at Nanyou
Winner None
Aftermath Ryomou is hospitalized and Hakufu is left in a depressed state of mind.


After easily brushing Kannei aside, Ryomou attacks Hakufu, but Hakufu turns out to be stronger than Ryomou gave her credit for. But due to Ryomou's agility, Hakufu can not hit her. Hakufu then throws a punch, but Ryomou slams her to the ground, defeating her, but Hakufu gets up, shocking Ryomou and amusing Saji who was watching the whole time. Whilst Ryomou and Saji speak Hakufu punches Ryomou, knocking off her eyepatch. Ryomou angrily retaliates by strangling her with her legs. Hakufu is unable to escape and eventually passes out. Ryomou thinks she's won, but Hakufu sees Koukin crawling towards her while hurt, which awakens her dragon. She gets up laughing and easily defeats Ryomou, giving her a suplex. Hakufu then continues her assault on Ryomou by stomping on her back, and was about to beat her to death but was stopped by saji who knocks Hakufu out just in time to save Ryomou.


  • This is the first battle to interrupt another battle.
  • Hakufu wets herself during this fight.