Nanyo AcademyEdit

Hakufu SonsakuEdit

Hakufu is Goei's biological daughter. Goei is often angered by Hakufu's actions and small-minded ways, that she punishes her with spankings, additional chores, or at the worst case, withholding food from her. Alhough they argue most of the time, Goei has a really strong connection with Hakufu, and cares a great deal for her, as a mother should. This was shown in the story when Toutaku placed a cursed seal on Hakufu that would eventually kill her. At that time Goei showed her true motherly love towards Hakufu, as she cried and was even frightened at what might happen to her if Hakufu was not able to find a cure.

Koukin ShuuyuEdit

Goei loves her nephew Koukin like a son, and places very high trust in him to watch over Hakufu when she is not around to protect her. When both are at home, she regularly calls upon him to check up on her idiot daughter, leading him to catch Hakufu in some barely dressed or naked state.

Kyosho AcademyEdit

Genjou KakoutonEdit

Goei's feelings towards Kakouton is ambiguous; it can be said that she has taken a real liking towards him, in a romantic sense, as shown when she constantly flirts with him and appears at his fights to support him whenever she has the possibility to do so. She also trusts him, as shown when she asked him to only hit Hakufu in the legs to both show Hakufu what it feels like to lose, as well as stopping her dragon from coming out.