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Chapter 4
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Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter in the Battle Vixens Volume 1 Manga.


A hooded man is seen recieving a text about Hakufu. Hakufu is seen running, along with Koukin, to school having overslept. Genpou is then seen talking on the cell phone, learning about the current state of the anti Toutaku faction. Hakufu is then seen, seperated from Koukin, as she is confronted by the hooded man named Kannei, while Koukin is confronted by a group of students. Hakufu was seen being attacked by Kannei and is about to be majorly injured by him, but he is stopped by an unlikely person.


A hooded figure is seen at the beginning of the chapter, after having beaten up multiple people, getting a message on his phone about Hakufu.[1]

Hakufu and Koukin are then seen running to school after oversleeping. Hakufu states that she has a debt to settle with Gakushuu, after Koukin tells her not to look for him. Hakufu then notices Koukin staring at her chest, and uses the oppurtunity to throw him to the ground. They then charge off to school.[2]

Saji is then seen, talking on the cell phone with someone, about the current situation of the anti toutaku faction, with its leader having been chosen to be Enshou. Choubaku and Kousousan are also considering membership with the faction. There also seems to be no information about Sousou after he walked away. He then goes over to the girl with eye patch, who is on the rail, wondering about why Kannei was sent to attack a low ranked fighter like Hakufu. She then suspects Saji knows more then he is letting on and threatens his life. However Saji is unfazed by this threat and even states that he would love to die by her hands.[3]

Hakufu is seen nearing the roof, having seperated from Koukin, trying to find her class, when she sees a hooded man in her way, revealed to be Kannei. The contents of the message sent to him is also revealed as a message to attack her. Koukin, who had just barely made it to school before the gate closed on him, was also confronted by group of Toushi. Hakufu is then seen dodging the hooded man's attacks, until he is able to rip her uniform apart. She then sees the hooded man's crazed face, as he continues to attack her. Hakufu retaliates with a kick but he is able to block it and even hit her in the stomach. The man then tries to jump on her but he is quickly kicked away by the girl, who wears an eyepatch.[4]


  1. Kouha Kannei
  2. Hakufu Sonsaku
  3. Koukin Shuuyu
  4. Genpou Saji
  5. Shimei Ryomou
  6. Kouro Enjutsu (Mentioned)
  7. ChouBaku (Mentioned)
  8. Kousousan (Mentioned)
  9. Moutoku Sousou (Mentioned)


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