Bunyaku Kansui
Kana 韓遂 文约
Romaji Kansui Bunyaku
Gender Male
Age 15
Successor Han Sui
School Ryoshu Academy
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4.5
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actor
Seiyu Yūko Sanpei (Japanese)
Jay D. Stone (English)

Kansui is a long time friend of both Houtoku Reimei and Bachou Mouki, as they all attend school at Ryoshu high school. Kansui is considered the second strongest at the school.


Kansui is a young highschool boy, who has a very wild look to him, having very unkempt big red hair. Kansui is usual seen in his school outfit, which usually contains white button up shirt, and black pants.


Not much is shown of his personality, but it seems he is very protective about his friend Bachou Mouki, hitting Ritsu, not even bothering to ask what was happening. He also seems to be very loyal and caring to his friends.

Story (Manga)Edit

Bachou Mouki IntroductoryEdit

Kansui is first seen along with Reimei fighting against random fighters, they notice Mouki has gone missing and Kansui quickly finds, and protects her from, Ritsu Buntatsu a senior from Kyosho.

Kansui is next seen on the roof with the leader of Ryoshu, Rimei, who confirms to her that Mouki is okay, and nothing happened to her. They are then interrupted by a newly powered up, Ritsu, who is able to take down Kansui pretty easily. Rimei notices Ryofu Housen's magatama on him, which is the item that gave him the power up. Kansui and Rimei are then saved by an awakened Mouki, and while she is beating up Ritsu, Rimei explains that Mouki has her ancestor inside of her, which awakens when she is under stress. Kansui and Rimei then watch as Mouki finishes Ritsu off, even after his threat of throwing the Gyokuji down the ocean.