Buntatsu Ritsuu
Gender Male
Age 18
Successor Li Tong
School Kyosho Academy
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4.5
Voice Actor

He was a low ranked senior, fighter from Kyosho academy.


Ritsu has a slender like appearance, and has long white hair, despite his age, of only 18. that reveals little to nothing of his forehead, as well as going to the back of the nape of his neck. He is only seen wearing a track suit.


Ritsu is shown to be a very perverse, as he had tried to do sexually activities on Bachou, without her consent. Ritsu is shown to be clueless, or naive, as he had taken a magatama, without really questioning it.

Ritsu, when under the influence of Ryofu's magatama bead, is very rutheless and vicous when it comes to fighting, as he had vicously attacked the students of Ryoshu academy without any remorse in his actions.

Story (Manga)Edit

Bachou Mouki IntroductoryEdit

Ritsu was first seen bothering Bachou, but was interrupted by Kansui, who was able to ward him off, after Ritsu figures out who he is, the second strongest fighter of Ryoshu Academy, causing him to run off. Ritsu is then met with Kakuka, who gives him a strange magatama.

Ritsu is next seen at Ryoshu academy, defeating anyone from the school, and getting up to the roof where, Kansui and Houtoku were, and is able to defeat both of them at the same time. It is revealed, by Houtoku that Ritsu had the legendary magatama, Ryofu Housen, giving him the abilities of the fighter. Ritsu is then met with Bachou who is able awaken, before he is able to land an attack on her. Bachou turns the tide of battle, and is able to defeat him with relative ease. As a last act of desperation Ritsu tries to use the Gyokuji as leverage for his escape by dangling at the ocean, but to no avail, as Bachou had no notion of the Gyokuji, at the time, she hit him off the roof, and into the ocean.

It is said that Ritsu was never seen or heard of again, but Kakuka had some how regained Ryofu's magatama. This could mean that Ritsu was actually founded by Kakuka, but killed, and disposed of, in a hiding place that could not be found.