Bunken Gakushin
Char 9599
Kana 樂進 文謙
Romaji Gakushin Bunken
Titles Three Pillared God
Gender Female
Age 16
Successor Yue Jin
School Kyosho Academy
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 15
Voice Actor
Seiyu Shiho Kawaragi (Japanese)
Melissa Hope (English)

She is a fighter, for Kyosho, and is part of the Three pillared gods, who were said to be unmatched, around the entire Kanto region.


Bunken is a young girl, with short shoulder length black hair. She is usually seen wearing a black Kimono.


Bunken is shown to be very cool headed, and clever, as she was able to read the situation, against Kan-u and saw that Koumei would not be able to beat, using Gentoku as leverage to force Kan-u to surrender.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Bunken is first seen, attacking Yoshu academy, along with the other 2 Pillared gods. Their attack was successful, as they were easily able to over power them.

Bunken is next seen watching Koumei, fight Kan-u. She is impressed at how well Koumei is able to keep up with Kan-u, but doubted it could last long. As Kan-u is able to defeat Koumei, Bunken, and Shungai, intervene, telling her if she did not stop the would execute Gentoku. Kan-u then surrenders, as she did not want to hurt Gentoku.

Bunken is next seen, with a tied Kan-u, interrogating her, along with Shungai. Seeing Shungai's methods as ineffective, she decides to use her power, to see into Kan-u's mind, and she sees all of Kan-u's memories, in Seito, and as she finally sees the information she wanted, she is instead taken to the three kingdoms era, where she sees Kan-u's ancestor. Her ancestor, was rutheless as he chopped off a man's head and began drinking his blood. Bunken freaks out as she is able to get out of Kan-u's mind, but not without damage as Koumei tells Shungai that she would be unable to fight for a month.

Bunken is next seen along with the other fighters of Kyosho, wanting to retrieve the Dragon Jade for Sousou's sake.

She takes the opportunity, while everyone was fighting everyone else, to fight Gentoku. Bunken plays with Gentoku knowing that she is not much of a fighter, and as Bunken was about to finish she is instead thrown off the roof, defeated, by none other then the returning Kan-u.

She is last seen meditating at a tourist location, along with the other three pillared gods, amazing the tourist, as they were able to with stand the pressure of the waterfall.


  • Bunken's measurements are 84/56/85