Bachou Mouki
Bachou Mouki
Kana 馬超 孟起
Romaji Mōki Bachō
Gender Female
Successor Ma Chao
School Ryoshu Academy
Seito Academy
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4.5
Anime Debut Episode 37
Voice Actor
Seiyu Aya Endo (Japanese)
Cherami Leigh (English)

Bachou was born into the Mouki clan, and being the only living child, she became the heir to the magatama of Bachou Mouki.


Bachou is a young buxom beautiful girl, who has long back reddish brown length hair that seems to split on the end. She also has some of her hair tied up on her head. She is usually seen wearing a pink over coat and a skirt, although she can also be seen wearing a Seito uniform.


In the anime Bachou appears to be very similar to Hakufu; in fact a mirror image of her personality in general, as she always fights and never usually thinks things through when she does it.

In the Manga Bachou is very similar to Gentoku instead of Hakufu, in fact their personality is nearly the same as she is also a very ditzy and caring person as she cares for her comrades a great deal.

Story (Manga)Edit

Bachou Mouki ArcEdit

Bachou is first seen trying to buy a can of soda, where she meets Ritsu Buntatsu, who wanted to do very sexual things to her, but luckily she is saved by Bunyaku Kansui, although she was less then appreciative for the help.

During Ritsu's attack at Ryoshu high, Bachou stumbles to the top of the school, where Kansui, and Houtoku Reimei, are knocked out, by a newly powered Ritsu. When Ritsu was about to strike Bachou, Bachou's own power awakens, and she is able to easily defeat her opponent and did not care when Ritsu tried to threaten her by dropping the Gyokuji down the ocean as she purposefully knocks both him and the Gyokuji down, losing the latter. Bachou then goes back to her usual self, not remembering what happened to her.



  • In the anime Bachou shares similar personality traits with Hakufu, and in the manga she shares more in common with Gentoku.
    • Gentoku and Bachou's situation in the manga are similar as they both have spirits that control their body, with them unknowing of it.