Awakening of the Devil King
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date March 5th, 2007
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The Movements of a Newborn Dragon's Spirit
Dripping Blood, Shedding Tears

Awakening of the Devil King is the 15th episode of the ikkitousen series, and the second episode of Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny.


The episode begins with Sousou beating all of the fighters from Yoshu who had tried to kill him. Sousou's legs are bleeding; he and Kakouton talk about his struggle with his hidden personality and whether they can trust Kaku. They then cut back to when Kaku convincing Sousou to attack Yoshu, even when they were one of the most dominant schools. Kakouton and Sousou are then attacked by Koshaji, a Yoshu fighter who uses throwing daggers. She wants to kill Sousou. Kakouton tries to fight by closing the distance but is pierced in the eye by Koshaji. This angers Sousou to the point that his dragon awakens. He then smashes Koshaji's head against the wall, killing her. Meanwhile, Kakuka ponders briefly whether to help them but Kaku convinces him otherwise. As they have sex, they discuss how they want Motoku's power on their side.

Next a group of veiled people from Kyosho attacks Yoshu's fighters, who call themselves the three pillars of Kyosho, who were able to force Yoshuu to surrender. Sousou is next seen talking with Kaku, who tells him that Yoshuu has fallen. Sousou then tells her to destroy Yoshu in vengeance of his friend.

Gentoku is next being scared by Ekitoku, in the gym at seito. Ekitoku then begins to beat Gentoku, for their training. Ekitoku decides to take up the defensive position, thinking that Gentoku would benefit more from that. Kan-u then comes into the gym telling Ekitoku that Yoshuu had fallen, as well as Ekitoku worrying that Sousou might come attack them soon. Gentoku then takes the opportunity to run.

Gentoku is then seen alone who is about to be attacked by three masked men, from Kyosho academy. They begin their attack but are easily defeated by Kan-u. Kan-u is then greeted by Bunsoku Ukin, who begins to fight her. He is then easily stopped by Kan-u who was able to easily break his weapon. Bunsoku then tries a sneak attack on Kan-u who easily defeats him not even thinking that he was worth killing with her blade. Ekitoku is then seen beating up the other fighters from Kyosho. Gentoku then begs Kan-u to let her come with her since she did not want to be the one responsible for causing her friends death, Kan-u agrees with the exception of staying behind her. Ekitoku, and Kan-u are then greeted by one of the big four of Nanyou academy, Shimei Ryomou.


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