Kana 阿斗
Titles Hero of Kanto (Self Proclaimed)
Gender Female
Successor Liu Shan (A Dou)
School Seito Gakuen
Status Alive
First Appearance
Game Debut Ikkitousen:Shining Dragon
Voice Actor
Seiyu Emiri Katou

Ato is a childhood friend of Gentoku Ryuubi, and is the self proclaimed hero of the Kanto region.


Ato is a very beautiful girl, with ample cleavage. She is only seen wearing a variation of Seito academy's uniform as her uniform is shown to have light blue stripes on the end of her shirt, as well as a light blue skirt (similar to Kanpei), instead of a dark blue skirt, like every other Seito Academy students.


Ato was at first shown to be very childish in nature, as well as simple minded, as shown when she stood on top of Nanyo and proclaimed that the second great fighters tournament had begun. She would attempt this by pitting Nanyo, Seito and Kyosho against each other with the aid of Ryofu and Chinkyu. Ato has proven to be quite intelligent and convincing as she was able to trick Gentoku following her around during the tournament, and even having Ryubi aid her in fighting either Kanu and Chouhi in the Seito Storyline, Sonsaku and Saji in the Nanyo Storyline or Ryofu and Kakouen in the Kyosho Storyline.

Story (Game)Edit

Ikkitousen Xross ImpactEdit

Ato is seen proclaiming at the top of Nanyo Academy building that the Second Great Fighters tournament had begun. She then meets up with Gentoku and convinces her that Nanyo is attacking Seito Academy theatre, which Gentoku and Ato had decide to deal with themselves. They are then met with Shimei Ryomou and Hakufu Sonsaku, who are able to defeat them.

Ato is next seen, still committed to the Second Great Fighters tournament, and tries to be the hero, but is manipulated by a demonic Chuutatsu Shibai. She eventually is defeated and breaks away from Chuutatsu. She then tries to fight Unchou Kan-u to see if she was worthy of being with Gentoku, which Kan'u proves to Ato she was more then enough, as she is able to defeat Ato. After this even Ato becomes friendlier (although still stuck in her heroic delusions) to the Seito students, joining Seito academy herself.


  • Ato is unlocked by completing all story modes on either normal or hard difficulties.