A Confrontation at Nanyou
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date August 6th, 2003
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My Chastity is in Danger

A Confrontation at Nanyou is the 2nd episode of Ikkitousen.


Hakufu Sonsaku and Koukin Shuuyu head to school. They take a shortcut and tease each other along the way, but meanwhile Gakushuu, who is bandaged up from his previous defeat at the hands of Ryomou speaks with Genpou SajiSaji who tells Gakushuu that Enjutsu was planning on having Hakufu killed.

Saji then speaks with Shimei Ryomou and informs her that Kannei was in charge of executing the imperial order given to them by Enjutsu. Kannei then appears from the top of the room showing Ryomou the order he received.

Hakufu forgets her sacred bead and heads back to get it, and is attacked by Kannei. Hakufu was easily overpowered by Kannei, but was saved by Ryomou. Ryomou then explains that she had only done so, so she could kill Hakufu herself. Saji distracts Ryomou and Hakufu takes the opportunity to punch her. In a rage Ryomou strangles Hakufu with her legs using a similar tactic that she used to defeat Gakushu. Hakufu pees her panties and Ryomou believes she has won, but Hakufu rises once more and gives her a suplex.


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  • Hakufu wears pink panties in this episode but they appear white in a few shots.

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