A Confrontation With Destiny
Season 1, Episode 7
Kan-U vs Hakufu
Air date August 13th, 2003
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The Great Tournament Begins
Why! The Betrayal Of Gōei!

A Confrontation With Destiny is the seventh episode of the Ikkitousen series.


The episode begins with Ryofu and Saji rekindling there relationship even though Ryofu knew that he planned for Ryofu to not kill him. They later start having sex, Saji warning her of the coming betrayal of Toutaku.

Kannei then begin to attack Hakufu and Koukin. Kannei is beaten by Hakufu, after hitting Koukin, who shows very big improvement being able to over power Kannei and beat him very easily.

Toutaku then expresses his disbelief that Kannei surprised attack Hakufu and Koukin. He then states that Ryofu times was up, which possibly tells, that he knew about Ryofu letting Saji live.

Kakouton is seen talking to Goei, who asks a favor of him.

Hakufu and Koukin then go to the battle grounds where Kanu-u and Ryomou are fighting with Ryomou having a submission move in place to break her arm. Koukin then states of Kan-U great skill in combat, stating Ryomou killed Kan-U in a previous life. Kan-U instead of forfeighting the match allowed her arm to be broken, in order to preserve her honor. Ryomou breaks her arm, but is beaten badly in the process. Hakufu then steps up after Ryomou loss, and is easily out matched, having to go in her in her dragon like state just to keep up with her, with Ukitsu looking upon the match. Even with this boost she was still beaten, albeit with Kanu-U having to get serious for a second, although officially Kan-U forfeited giving Hakufu the win. Kan-U then leaves stating that she was satisfied with a good fight. Ukitsu then explains to Koukin that the Hakufu still did not yet have control of the dragon leaving.

Toutaku is then given the results of the fight with Seito and Nanyo. He then tells Ryofu, who had just sworn to defeat Nanyo in the finals, telling her that there was no finals.

Ryofu is seen with Kaku later displaying her displeasure for Toutaku's plan. Ryofu then goes to her quarters seeing Saji get ready to leave. She begs him to stay but he objects stating he over stayed his welcome, but before leaving he states to not let Toutaku kill her. Ryofu is then seen talking with her friend, Chinkyuu, asking if she wanted to be with her when she became number one, Chinkyuu tells her yes, and they share an intimate moment.


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